Day 4 Route and Stats

April 27, 2016
62.86 miles 4:50 ride time. Ave. 12.9 mph Max 26.97 down 958 ft, up 2556. Started at 262 ft. and finished at 1896 ft elevation, peaking at 1896 ft.. Finished at 78 F, started at 67 F.

From Blythe to Salome, AZ via I-10 E.

5 hr 18 min (61 mi)

1. Head east on W Donlon St toward S Commercial St
2. Turn left onto S Commercial St
3. Turn right onto Hobsonway
4. Slight right
5. Sharp left onto Frontage Rd N
6. Turn left onto Juneau Ave
7. Turn right onto the I-10 E ramp to Phoenix
8. Merge onto I-10 E
9. Take the exit
10. Continue straight
11. Take the ramp to I-10 E
12. Merge onto I-10 E
13. Take exit 31 for US-60 E toward Wickenburg Prescott
14. Merge onto US-60
15. At the traffic circle, continue straight onto US-60 E
16. Exit the traffic circle onto US-60 E
17. Arrive at location: Salome, AZ

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