Big Mig and The Oregon Coast May 2023

Once again, I will transform into the Not So Lone Rider. My brother Mike, aka Big Mig has wanted to tour down the west coast ever since he has heard Becky and I talk about both our road ventures together, and my solo/not-solo ride to Mexico.

Around 1982 or so, Mike flew from Chicago to Seattle with minimal supplies and his Peugeot 10 speed packed in a box. Once landing at SEATAC, he unpacked the bike and made his way for a one week journey south around Mt. Rainier, Mt. St. Helens, over the Columbia River, and then he flew back home from Portland, OR.

Now he has driven his minivan from Chicago Heights, IL to our home near Olympia, WA towing a 10 ft. trailer with his Harley motorcycle. He’s also brought a 3×9 Trek Aluminum road bike with a carbon front fork. Tomorrow we start a journey that will end somewhere near the OR-CA border. The general plan is that on some days Mike will hop on the Harley and cruise over some of the parts of Washington that he rode on his bike. Likewise he will cruise down Hwy 101along the Oregon coast to sight see and loop inland now and then. While he is doing that, I will explore fly fishing opportunities in the nearby rivers and lakes of the area. On other days we will do a basic out and back bicycle ride up and down 101 to see everything at a slower pace that is more up close and personal.

When Mike made it here Saturday afternoon, I made my famous Chicago Style Deep Dish Pizza. Becky was off hiking in Yakima, so she missed out. We have started to fuel up appropriately.

Yesterday and today we went for a couple of nice rides along the Chehalis Trail to help get us ready for the biking part of the trip. Tonight I pack up my gear. Hidalgo seems to be in good shape. I hope I am, too – but at least I won’t be carrying 24 lbs of panniers.

I’m used to planning things down to the nth degree when I make my trips alone. However, I have learned that the real adventure starts when things don’t go according to plan. With that in mind, so far we have roughly planned the first 3 days of what could be a 10 day adventure. I guess we’ll figure out the rest tonight or whenever we get there. It’s All part of the Adventure!

The Not So Lone Rider

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