Cyclist Breaks 76-Year-Old Record

[January 9, 2016]

I am a huge NPR fan. I saw this article about a 53 year old man that rode 76,000 miles in one year on a bicycle. My journey is planned to be a little over 3000 miles, so his was about 25x as long. The previous record was done by a 27 year old. I’m 59.5 and I hope to be done before I’m 60 because a ride of 3000 miles is obviously too long for a 60 year old!

Kurt Searvogel
Kurt Searvogel

He averaged more than 200 miles per day. He set a new record by beating what was then a 27 year old Tommy Goodwin who had rode 75,000 in 1939.

While Kurt Searvogel, may have given up 26 years in age to Tommy Goodwin, he did have a better bike and roads than Mr. Goodwin. Either way, they are both unbelievable feats of endurance and discipline.

In the Legend of The Lone Rider, I try to give a brief history of what led me on my journey. I’d like to know what made him want to do this feat. Any thoughts?

The Lone Rider

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