Day 20 2016 Route and Stats

May 13, 2016
101.38 miles 99.8 to hotel with detour. 7:16 ride time. Ave. 13.7 mph Max 22.67 mph Started at 2822 ft. and finished at 2224 ft. elevation, down 781 feet, up 194 feet. Finished at 65 F, started at 55 F. High 81F

From New Sunflower Inn & Suites, Garden City, KS to Greensburg,  KS (37.6057417,-99.2823006) via US-400 E/US-50 E.

7 hr 37 min (97 mi)

1. Head east on E Fulton St toward Davis St
2. Turn right onto US-400/US-50
3. Make a U-turn
4. Turn right onto E Fulton St
5. Turn right
6. Turn left
7. Turn right onto S Jennie Barker Rd
8. Turn left onto E Mansfield Rd
9. Turn left onto S Main St
10. Turn right onto US-400 E/US-50 E
11. Turn right onto 102 Rd/Howell Rd
12. Turn left
13. Turn left toward US-400 E/US-50 E
14. Turn right onto US-400 E/US-50 E
15. Turn right onto 108 Rd
16. Continue onto W Park St
17. Turn right onto 4th Ave
18. Turn left onto Kerri Dr
19. Turn right onto N 2nd Ave
20. Turn left onto Poplar St
21. Continue onto Minneola Rd
22. Turn left onto Wilroads Garden Rd
23. Continue onto Lariat Way
24. Turn right onto 117 Rd/Coronado Rd
25. Turn left onto Lariat Way
26. Turn left to stay on Lariat Way
27. Turn left onto Ford Ensign Rd/Saddle Rd
28. Turn right onto US-400 E
29. Turn right onto 19th Ave
30. Turn left onto K St
31. Turn left onto S Main
32. Turn right onto Florida Ave
33. Turn left onto S Olive St
34. Turn right onto E Kansas Ave
35. Turn right at N Poplar St
36. Arrive at location: (37.6057417,-99.2823006)

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