Day 22 2016 Route and Stats

May 15, 2016
41.15 miles 3:25 ride time. Ave.12.04 mph Max 21.59 mph Started at 1516 ft. and finished at 1350 ft. elevation, down 367 feet, up 295 feet. Finished at 59 F, started at 51 F.

From Kingman,  KS (37.6475736,-98.0963344) to Garden Prairie,  KS NE 10 St and W Harry St.

1 hr 47 min (23 mi)

1. Head north toward US-400 E/US-54 E
2. Turn right onto US-400 E/US-54 E
3. Turn right onto NE 10 St/Old Hwy 54
4. Continue onto W Harry St
5. Arrive at location: Frosty Treat

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From Garden Prairie,  KS  (37.6635297,-97.6809046) to Wichita, KS 67205 via W 21st St N.

1 hr 27 min (18 mi)

1. Head east on W Harry St toward Sedgwick
2. Turn left onto S 263rd St W
3. Turn right onto US-400 E/US-54 E
4. Turn left onto S 247th St W
5. Turn right onto W 21st St N
6. Turn left at N 119th St W
7. Turn left onto N Tee Time
9. Arrive at location:    Wichita, KS 67205

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