Day 31 2016 Route and Stats

May 24, 2016
72.0 miles ?? ride time. Ave. ?? mph Max ?? mph Started at 574 ft. and finished at 660 ft. elevation, down 315 feet, up 394 feet. Finished at 83 F, started at 70 F.

From Springfield, IL (39.7474818,-89.7082224) to Monticello, IL via W Wise Rd.

5 hr 57 min (72 mi)

1. Head northwest on Freedom Dr toward Constitution Dr
2. Turn left toward Robbins Rd
3. Turn right onto Robbins Rd
4. Turn right onto Wabash Trail
5. Turn left onto Interurban Trail
6. Slight right to stay on Interurban Trail
7. Slight left toward W Stanford Ave
8. Turn left onto W Stanford Ave
9. Turn right onto W North St
10. Continue onto S 1st St
11. Turn right onto E Laurel St
12. Turn left onto S 2nd St
13. Turn right onto Eastman Ave
14. Continue onto E Converse St
15. Turn left onto N 11th St
16. N 11th St turns slightly right and becomes Factory St
17. Continue onto E Griffiths Ave
18. Turn left onto Henley Rd
19. Continue onto Piper Rd
20. Turn right onto Mayden Rd
21. Continue onto Bissell Rd
22. Slight left onto IL-54 E
23. Turn right onto 1225th Ave
24. Turn left onto County Rd 300 N
25. Continue onto 1325 Ave
26. Turn left onto 275th St
27. Turn right onto County Rd 1400 E
28. Turn left onto 275th St
29. Turn left onto 1500th Ave
30. Turn right onto 300th St
31. Turn right onto IL-121 S
32. Turn left onto 2400th Ave/N 3rd Principal Meridian Rd/County Rd 2400 E
33. Turn right onto W Wise Rd
34. Turn left onto IL-48 N
35. Turn right onto Miller Rd
36. Continue onto E 1400 North Rd
37. Turn right onto Old Timber Rd
38. Turn left to stay on Old Timber Rd
39. Continue onto County Rd 575 E
40. Turn right onto E 1550 North Rd/County Farm Rd
41. Turn right
42. Turn left onto N Railroad St
43. Turn right onto W Bridge St
44. Continue onto W Center St
45. Arrive at location: Monticello, IL

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