Day 5 2021 – Ocean, Whales, Seals, Some hills

We knew today was going to be short mileage, but it was going to be filled with lots of pretty views. We knew we would be making lots of photo stops. Irma had some fruit and delicious snacks for us in the morning when we left the Hudson Inn outside Pacific City. After a brief climb we had a beautiful view of the Nestucca Bay. If I had my fishing pole it would have been a good opportunity to catch a few.

After a short ride we made it to the ocean and stopped at the Winema Wayfinding Point, where we made it a point to find our way to the next stop.

Our easy day quickly turned into a hard climb uphill. There was a sign that said it was going to be a curvy road for several miles. They only put that sign up when it is also hilly. The more we climbed the more I remembered that this was a spot where I had to stop periodically in order to conquer it on my last trip through this stretch. At one point we noticed that there was a hiker walking on the opposite side of the road but going in the same direction. Every time we came to a long stretch and made a turn it look like we would be going downhill, but at every turn we found that we had more appeal to do. We would pass the hiker but then he would pass us as we stopped to catch our breath. In all we made the single-digit mile climb in five stops with about 600 to 800 feet of climbing. Ron had taught me that on these long uphills, the uphill side of the road had two lanes and the downhill side had only one lane. Until we could see a sign that said “right lane is ending” on the uphill side, we knew we would have to continue climbing. I prayed to the Lord to give me a sign, and he delivered after that fifth stop with right lane ending and I could see the top of the hill . To get a more accurate look you can take a peek at the days stats and elevation profile that are here.

He’s hiking to California

From there it was an 800 foot drop into Lincoln City.

After that long climb and a stop at the beach, we were ready for a coffee and a snack. We kept riding through town to try to find a place where we could just simply get coffee. After riding for more than 2 miles we could only find large restaurants and I was tempted by that Pig n Blanket we saw. We searched Google Maps again and found two possibilities near the edge of town before we were leaving. When we finally got there we were hungry enough that we sprang for second breakfast along with the coffee.

He’s catching on to the concept

At this point we were halfway to our destination . About ten miles down the road we pulled over for the beautiful views at boiler Bay and Depoe Bay . It was at Boiler Bay where we met a young couple riding a tandem e-bike. Their equipment amazed us. They even had solar panels on the back to charge the batteries on the bike. Their parents were watching the kids while they rode from Mendocino around up to Washington State and were now returning back to Mendocino, California.

Just a few miles down the road was Depoe Bay, the whale watching capital of the world. At least according to the sign. There were large crowds with cameras pointed to the water. Sure enough, we could see sprays coming off the water from spout holes. Then we could see the backs and the tales emerge from the water and then disappear below the surface. Our cameras did not have enough of zoom power to take good pictures. You’ll just have to take our word for it.

As we left Depoe Bay, we had to climb another Hill and I just happen to take a rest at the end of it. As I looked out over the bay Ron made the comment that this look like a good place for whales and other life to eat fish. At first, I didn’t notice the seals down on the rock below us but I did capture this video.

On our way to Newport, we took a detour off of Highway 101. The Otter Bay Loop was beautiful and at one point we had the road to ourselves as it turns into a one way lane friendly to bicycles. As always, the beautiful views come with a price. It was several hundred feet of uphill climbing .

It was a pretty easy ride for our finish in Newport. We spent an unexpectedly long time getting our dinner but it was all worth it. Ron’s conversation kept me entertained all night and I didn’t mind the late evening. It’s been a great trip having him along.

The Not So Lone Rider

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