On With The Show – 2016

I have had this song playing in my head for the last 2 weeks as I thought about dipping the wheel into the Pacific. I hope you enjoy Bugs Bunny!

Updated June 27, 2016 – From Ride Day 29 (May 22, 2016) –

Quick Postscript: Four weeks ago I launched from Oceanside. I thought about a comment Michael Jordan had made when he was on the Olympic Basketball team under Bob Knight. Coach had a bunch of things written on a chalk board ready to review with the team. On the back Jordan had wrote: “After all the #@%! We’ve been through in prep for this game, there is no way we are going to lose.” My mental jukebox linked to the line from Bugs Bunny – All the rehearsal and nursing our parts we know every part by heart … Watch the original https://youtu.be/OLs6t24Egco 

and my reprise at Oceanside one month and 1933 miles ago. https://youtu.be/kNrUpO1kxd4


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