Ride 2019 Day 8

Even though  I got into the hotel the night before at a reasonable hour, I was still up very late. I had a lot of maintenance to do on Hidalgo, launder my clothes, and plan the route for the next day. Those 26 routes I had made weeks ago were now just souvenirs of wasted planning. Then again, if everything always went according to plan, it wouldn’t be an adventure. As it turned out today’s route was basically leave the hotel, go south on US 101 until you get to the next hotel.

I had hoped to get out the door as soon as possible after the hotel served breakfast at 7 a.m. Unfortunately, they couldn’t get things together and opened until about 7:15. At 8 am I was on the road, but stopped pedaling after only a few miles. There was heavy traffic across the  one half mile long Yaquina Bay bridge leading out of Newport.  Over the course of the day, I crossed several bridges – long, short, old, new, wide and narrow. It’s the ones that have a narrow shoulder that make me nervous. To be safe, Hidalgo and I walked the 1/2 mile to the other side.

While the route was very straight forward, there were many distractions along the way. Today was not a day to keep a fast pace because with every new turn or climb, there were spectacular views of the shoreline and ocean.

In Yachats, just before lunch

From Seal Rock, to Waldport, Wakonda Beach, Tillicum Beach, and Yachats, the 24 mile roller coaster ride took me through beautiful sights.

Seal Rock was beautiful. Classic rock from the 60s and 70s is still my favorite

0912190920bAt Yachats, I stopped for lunch/second breakfast.0912191112 I got the usual looks and questions about my ride. When I went to pay, the owner gave me a discount in support of my cause. In return, I gave him a bigger tip!

After lunch there was more climbing. You can see the ride summary here. The climbs did provide more incredible views. It was easy to find someone to take a picture of me with Hidalgo in front of the scenery, since they were doing the same. At least now I  can prove we were both there and I’m not publishing some one else’s pictures! 0912191316_HDRAt one of these lookout points I met a young girl who was riding from Portland, OR to Ventura, CA. We compared our gear and travel styles. She doesn’t go as far or as fast as I do because she is doing a lot of camping. However she also uses warm showers whenever she can.0912191324_HDR

By the time I got to the town of Florence, I was ready for my afternoon ice cream stop. In Florence I came upon another traveling cyclist. Eric was traveling with his dog, Dandy. He was camping last night and told me ” some critters had broke into his food and stole one of the front panniers”! He was eventually heading south to Coos Bay and Eugene, then heading east to meet other friends.

Notice the missing front pannier


The final leg to Reedsport included over 1,000 feet of climbing. It was uneventful,  except for more stunning views. 0912191341_HDR0912191246a_HDRWhen I got settled into my cheap hotel, I did the usual cleaning duties of me, clothes, and a tiny bit for Hidalgo. After 2 days of dry weather he didn’t need much care. I think I have rearranged my new stopping points so that after Gold Beach, OR, everything will be the same – other than being shifted back one day. I felt terrible that I had forgotten to inform a warm showers host that I had been delayed a day. When I saw an email asking about my arrival, I called him immediately.  He was understanding and gave me some route suggestions. In speaking with him, I learned that Marco Pecattori might stay with him in a few days!

The next 2 days should be shorter rides. I can’t wait to see what tomorrow will bring.

The Lone Rider

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