Training Rides and Viking Meadows

At our group bible study this week, I asked that lives be touched by this ride I will be starting on April 24th. As I had various drivers pass me on my training ride today, I hoped none of them would touch my life so closely that they’d leave me on the side of the road laid out. I ride at a time of day when there is less traffic and on roads that are less traveled for the most part. I can tell that most drivers use caution as they pass me. As I came up on some pot holes in the road, I checked the surrounding traffic and then made my way more to the center of the road to avoid the bumpy pavement.
It occurred to me a little farther down the road that there are drivers out there that will give more room and caution to avoid a pot hole than they will a person on a bike. I understand that everyone is in a hurry. I do my part by looking for ways to give cars more space to pass me. 2016-04-12_17.13.26However, I still don’t understand why some people can’t wait literally 3 seconds for oncoming traffic to clear so they have more room to pass me. I bet they’d wait if I was a pothole!
On a completely different train of thought – I’ve got time to think about things when on the bike, VikingMeadow1I pass by a development north of Indianapolis called Viking Meadows. It always seemed like a bit of an oxymoron to me. When you think of meadows, you get images of grassy fields with wildflowers. A very peaceful and relaxed setting. On the other hand, when you think of Vikings, you get images of violent pillagers wearing horned helmets armed with heavy swords and shields. Usually there is lots of violence and mayhem. They might be carrying a battle-ax to finish their job. VikingMeadows2
So is Viking Meadows where pillagers go after a hard days ravaging to kick back with a mug of ale? Is it a retirement community for football players from Minneapolis? I didn’t knock on any doors to find out.

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