Day 27 2016 Route and Stats

May 20, 2016
75.08 miles 6:59 ride time. Ave.12.54 mph Max 31.98 mph Started at 950 ft. and finished at 912 ft. elevation, down 1263 feet, up 1250 feet. Finished at 67 F, started at 53 F.

This isn’t quite how I went, but it was what I planned.

From Cortez Motel, Harrisonville,MO  to Sedalia, MO (38.7112665,-93.2704530) via US-50 E.

5 hr 49 min (69 mi)

1. Head southeast on N Commercial St toward Locust St
2. Turn left onto Locust St
3. Continue onto N Independence St
4. Turn left onto Ash St
5. Turn right onto N Bradley Ave
6. Turn left onto E Elm St
7. Turn left onto N Price Ave
8. N Price Ave turns right and becomes E Elm St
9. Continue onto Orient Cemetery Rd
10. Continue onto E 245th St
11. Continue onto Holden St
12. Continue onto State Hwy K
13. Turn right onto E 245th St/Lynne Rd
14. Continue onto E 243rd St
15. Continue onto State Hwy M
16. Turn left onto King Rd
17. Continue onto Gunn City Rd
18. Turn left onto S Old Drum Rd
19. Turn right onto E 233rd St
20. Turn left onto SW 2001 Rd/SW 2001st Rd
21. Turn right onto SW State Hwy Tt
22. Turn right onto SW State Hwy T
23. Turn left onto SW 500th Rd
24. Turn left onto MO-131 N/S Lexington St
25. Turn right onto W 16th St
26. Turn left onto SW 1251st Rd/Clay St
27. Turn right onto MO-58 E/E 10th St
28. Turn right onto NW Division Rd
29. Continue onto W Pine St
30. Turn left onto N Holden St
31. Turn right onto E Gay St
32. Turn left onto Burkarth Rd
33. Turn right onto US-50 BUS E/E Young Ave
34. Turn right onto US-50 E/NW US Hwy 50
35. Turn right onto Curry St
36. Turn left onto Leroy Vandyke Ave
37. Turn left onto Westwood Ave
38. Turn right
39. Arrive at location: (38.7112665,-93.2704530)

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