Ride 2016 Day 11

I had spent the previous evening with my Warm Showers host, Nellie and her family.  The quilts I slept under led me to slumberland. Even though she was busy getting herself and the kids ready for the day, she left me with a cheese, green pepper,  and ham omelet with tortillas and juice. This was my third stay in a warm showers home. I’m looking forward to the time Becky and I can repay some of the hospitality I’ve received already in this trip, when we open up our warm showers home.

I noticed a lot more dogs while I was on the reservation lands. On my way out of the neighborhood this morning, I was afraid I might need to use my Halt pepper spray as two canines were having a vociferous confrontation. In the end, there was no need. I was saddened to see 2 large dogs dead in the middle of the road as I left Kayenta on US 163.

The next sight after leaving town was a lot more impressive.

Things are bigger and farther than they appear
Things are bigger and farther than they appear
The bookends were much bigger up close

A pair of tall rock formations stood like bookends to the road that led through the valley before me. You cannot fully appreciate the beauty and grandeur of the landscapes I passed today. I measured a distance of about 5 miles from where I  saw the formations until I reached them.

They didn’t seem that far away. Only when I was closer could I comprehend how BIG they were.

That was the way it was all day as I made my way on to Utah, the Monument Valley, Mexican Hat, The Valley of the Gods, and my destination in Bluff. It was easy to tell the most scenic spots as groups of cars were often stopped, all taking pictures of the same breath-taking views. The route itself had its share of “I could die if I stop using the brakes” descents and “Here’s where you pay for gliding downhill earlier” climbs.

0504160950 0504161053b 0504161124 0504161353 0504161413aAlong the way, I took pictures of the tourists so they didn’t have to embarrass themselves with selfie sticks. Then they would return the favor so Hidalgo and I could be seen with this incredible scenery.0504161103

05041611320504161053In spite of the dry conditions, I haven’t run out of water yet. Of course, through the worst part of the desert, I had Becky as a crutch. The towns are really spread out tomorrow.  When I pass Montezuma City out of Bluff, there is not another town for 40 miles. If Google doesn’t lead me astray and everything goes to plan I will meet my brother Mike in Cortez, CO tomorrow.

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