Day 11 2021 – Eureka and a lot of 101

I said goodbye to the hotel owner, Bob, along with his guard chicken and old dog. We had enjoyed the heat from the propane fireplace that “Toolbox”, his handyman had fixed. The fog was once again thick in the air. The road was damp from overnight rain. My sunglasses were getting cloudy from the mist that was collecting on them.

Two miles down the road, we took the Trinidad Scenic Drive that wound its way between the shore and 101. The road went from smooth to climbing hills, to rough asphalt to bumpy dirt and gravel. Then it repeated that cycle a half dozen times or more until we returned to 101 four miles later.

Although it was a rough ride at times, the fog was clearing and we had some great ocean views.

I met a young man and woman dressed in wet suits holding their surf boards. They said they were getting ready to take the long walk down to the shore and ride some waves. You might be able to see their tiny figures going down the stairs on the right side of the picture.

Just like that, our scenic views of the ocean were just about done for the day as we hopped back onto our good friend, Highway 101. We pulled over for a brief rest and one last look at the waves.

South of clam beach, we got off 101 to take a bike trail over the Mad River, through farmlands, and onto roads through the outskirts of Arcata. The highlight of the trail was going over an old abandoned bridge that spanned the river. It was probably abandoned because the river was mad at it 🙂

I did not dismount. Hidalgo and I rode across together.

In Arcata, we checked our directions, then made a long loop around Arcata Bay, passing by (I’m not making this up) Manila and Somoa. In the pictures below are the bridge leading to ….Eureka!

After second breakfast in Eureka, we found another bike path that went along the western side of town along the shoreline.

When this bike trail ended 4.5 miles later, we once again returned to Highway 101. Near Fields Landing we did a short pointless off and back on to 101 (Not a PUD, pointless up and down, but a POO, pointless off and on). A few miles later we got off to Tompkins Hill Road, where we passed the Humboldt Botanical gardens and the College of the Redwoods.

Fish may be in schools, but Redwoods are in college!

Then we passed under 101 for a 300 foot climb through Loleta on Eel River Drive. After we passed through the metropolis of Fernbridge (Population 69, elevation 40) we were back on (wait for it) Highway 101.

A grim reminder that even with a wide shoulder, we have to be watchful on the roads.

We jumped off 101 in Fortuna to make a final stop for supplies. After our trip to the Safeway, we were back on 101 for the final time today. Passing over the almost dry Van Duzen River, we made it to our motel in Rio Dell.

After a quick shower and checking in with the spouses, we walked down to a burger joint to get dinner and maybe the town’s best milk shakes. We had dinner, but finished it with Boysenberry and BlackBerry BLIZZARDS instead.

Details of today’s meanderings on and off Highway 101 can be found here.

The Not So Lone Rider

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