Day 14 2016 Route and Stats

May 7, 2016
63.5 miles 4:52 ride time. Ave. 13.01 mph Max 39.5 down 3248 feet, up 3753 feet, peaking at 7795. Finished at 54 F, started at 40 F. Lows to 36 F.

From Durango (37.3044567,-107.8684933) to Pagosa Springs via US-160 E.

6 hr 48 min (63 mi)

1. Head southwest on Main Ave toward 35th St
2. Turn left onto E 32nd St
3. Turn right onto Holly Ave
4. Turn left onto Co Rd 240/Florida Rd
5. Turn right onto Co Rd 245/River Pl
6. Turn right onto Co Rd 501
7. Turn left onto Bear Creek Rd
8. Continue straight onto Bear Creek Canyon Rd
9. Continue onto Pine Spring Dr
10. Turn right onto Beaver Meadows Rd
11. Turn left onto US-160 E
12. Turn right onto Old Hwy 160
13. Turn right onto US-160 E
14. Turn right onto Co Rd 175
15. Continue onto US-160 E
16. Turn right onto Co Rd 700
17. Continue onto County Rd 700 EXN/Robbers Roost Rd
18. Continue onto Co Rd 700
19. Continue onto Cat Cr Rd
20. Turn right onto US-160 E
21. Turn right onto Badger Rd
22. Turn left onto E Stollsteimer Rd
23. Continue onto River Run Dr
24. Slight left onto Oakridge Dr
25. Turn right onto US-160 E
26. Turn right onto Hersch Ave
27. Turn left onto Scenic Ave
28. Turn left to stay on Scenic Ave
29. Turn right onto Dichoso St
30. Turn right onto S Pagosa Blvd
31. Turn left onto Heath Dr
32. Turn right onto Bristlecone Dr
33. Turn right to stay on Bristlecone Dr
34. Turn left onto Trujillo Rd
35. Continue onto Apache St
36. Turn left onto S 8th St
37. Turn right onto Piedra St
38. Turn left onto S 7th St
39. Turn right onto S 5th St
40. Turn left to stay on S 5th St
41. S 5th St turns slightly right and becomes Lewis St
42. Arrive at location: Pagosa Springs

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