Day 3 2016 Route and Stats

April 26, 2016
88.76 miles 6:25 ride time. Ave. 13.77 mph Max 32.81 down m1191 ft, up 1565. Started at -177 and finished at 262 ft elevation , peaking at 1093. Finished at 82 F, started at 48 F.

From Townhouse Inn & Suites to Super 8 Blythe via Ben Hulse Hwy.

7 hr 16 min (87 mi) this route was close but not exactly what I rode.

1. Head west on Main St toward N 1st St
2. Turn right onto N 1st St
3. Turn right toward N 2nd St
4. Turn right onto N 2nd St
5. Turn left onto Ben Hulse Hwy/Main St
6. Turn left onto CA-78 E
7. Turn right
8. Turn left
9. Turn right toward Levee Rd
10. Turn left onto Levee Rd
11. Turn left onto River Rd
12. Continue onto Neighbors Blvd
13. Continue onto S Neighbours Blvd
14. Turn right onto 32nd Ave
15. Turn left onto S Arrowhead Blvd
16. Turn right onto 28th Ave
17. Turn left onto S Defrain Blvd
18. Turn right onto W 14th Ave
19. Turn left onto S Carlton Ave
20. S Carlton Ave turns right and becomes W Donlon St
21. Arrive at location: Super 8 Blythe

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