Day 30 2016 Route and Stats

May 23, 2016
98.0 miles ?? ride time. Ave. ?? mph Max ?? mph Started at 892 ft. and finished at 574 ft. elevation, down 1381 feet, up 1099 feet. Finished at 82 F, started at 55 F.

From Bowling Green, MO to Springfield,  IL (39.7474264,-89.7081480) via US-54 E.

7 hr 56 min (98 mi)

1. Head east on W Main St toward S Main Cross St
2. Turn left onto N Main Cross St/Oakhurst Dr
3. Continue onto State Hwy AA/Pike 292
4. Turn right onto US-54 E
5. Slight right onto Pike 291
6. Turn left onto Pike 279/Vera Lake Rd
7. Turn right onto US-54 E
8. Turn right onto State Hwy NN
9. Turn right to stay on State Hwy NN
10. Turn right onto Georgia St
11. Turn left onto N 4th St
12. Turn right onto US-54 E/Mansion St
13. Continue onto IL-106 E/E Washington St
14. Turn left onto 850 E/Hoots Rd
15. Continue onto Coal Mine Rd
16. Slight left onto Coultas Rd
17. Slight right onto Reid Rd
18. Turn right onto 1245 E/950 N/Reid Rd
19. Turn right onto 950 N/Church Farm Rd/Reid Rd
20. Turn left onto Gregory Rd/Merritt Ln
21. Turn right onto 1050 N/Rutherford Rd
22. Turn left onto Lynnville Ln
23. Continue onto Main St
24. Continue onto Lynnville Ln
25. Turn right onto Leach Farm Rd
26. Turn left onto Massey Ln
27. Turn right onto Mound Rd
28. Continue onto N Fairview Terrace
29. Continue onto W College Ave
30. Continue onto Old State Rd
31. Continue onto County Rd 1a S/Old Jacksonville Rd
32. Turn right onto S Washington St
33. Continue onto Co Hwy 8A
34. Continue onto Link Rd
35. Turn left onto Tebbe Rd
36. Turn left onto Farley Rd
37. Turn right onto Bunker Hill Rd/County Rd 3 S
38. Turn left onto Wabash Ave
39. Turn right onto Hollis Dr
40. Turn right onto Cockrell Ln
41. Turn left onto Constitution Dr
42. Turn right onto Liberty Dr
43. Continue onto Constitution Dr
44. Turn right onto Freedom Dr
45. Make a U-turn
46. Arrive at location: (39.7474264,-89.7081480)

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