Day 38 2016 Route and Stats

June 1, 2016
81.3 miles 6:41 ride time. Ave. 12.16 mph Max 32.93 mph Started at 630 ft. and finished at 940 ft. elevation, down 3205 feet, up 3570 feet. Finished at 85 F, started at 68 F. High of 90F

From Moundsville, WV to Connellsville,  PA (39.9993205,-79.6066486) via PA-21 E.

7 hr 33 min (80 mi)

1. Head east on 5th St toward Jefferson Ave
2. Turn left onto Grant Ave
3. Turn right onto 4th St
4. Continue onto Middle Grave Creek Rd
5. Turn right onto US-250 S
6. Turn left onto WV-891 E
7. Continue onto PA-21 E
8. Turn left onto Dodds Ridge Rd
9. Turn right to stay on Dodds Ridge Rd
10. Continue onto Veterans Rd
11. Turn left onto Wheeling Creek Rd
12. Continue onto Dodds Ridge Rd
13. Continue onto State Rte 4003/Wheeling Creek Rd
14. Continue onto Braddock Run Rd
15. Turn right to stay on Braddock Run Rd
16. Slight right onto Nebo Ridge Rd/State 30034
17. Slight left onto Crow Rd
18. Turn right to stay on Crow Rd
19. Turn left onto PA-21 E
20. Turn left onto Hopewell Ridge Rd/T571
21. Slight left onto T581/Yorkshire Rd
22. Continue onto Patterson Creek Rd/T581B
23. Continue onto Hopewell Ridge Rd/W Run Rd
24. Turn left onto Patterson Creek Rd
25. Turn right onto PA-18 S
26. Turn left onto PA-21 E
27. Turn right onto S West St
28. Turn left onto W Greene St
29. Slight right onto E High St/Main St
30. Turn left onto PA-21 E/Bill George Dr
31. Turn right to stay on PA-21 E
32. Turn right onto Dixon Blvd
33. Turn left to stay on Dixon Blvd
34. Turn left onto S Mt Vernon Ave
35. Turn right onto Pittsburgh St
36. Turn left onto W Penn St
37. Turn left onto N Gallatin Ave
38. Turn left onto N Gallatin Ave Ext
39. Turn right to stay on N Gallatin Ave Ext
40. Turn left onto Bethelboro Rd
41. Continue onto Eberly Way
42. Turn left onto US-119 N
43. Arrive at location: (39.9993205,-79.6066486)

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