Day 5 Newport to Seal Rock

Big Mig liked yesterday’s scenery. It was definitely worth a ride south out of Newport down to one of Becky’s favorite places, Seal Rock. A few miles from our hotel, we pulled into Yaquina Bay State Park and lighthouse.

Immediately leaving the park, we had to cross a beautiful, but very long bridge.

When I last rode across this bridge with Ron 2 years ago, it was so foggy, we couldn’t see the first pillars from the start. With that as my baseline, I was ready to sprint across on this clear sunny day. Big Mig took the sidewalk, which I found uncomfortably narrow to ride. Even though there was a sign that could warn about cyclists on the bridge, I couldn’t find the button to turn it on. So away I went and only 4 or 5 vehicles passed me.

I was across in a flash. When you are biking for your life, you are incented to ride fast. I waited for Big Mig at the other end.

Further down the road we pulled into a sign for Lost Creek State Park. This begs the question, “How ‘Lost’ can it be if there’s a sign that points out where it is?” It still gave nice view of the ocean.

As we went down the road we made a short stop at Beaver Creek. We saw a few small fish, but no beaver. It was more than 6 miles down the road when we reached, the prize, Seal Rock.

This was definitely worth the ride. Now we were ready for lunch. We saw a shipwrecked boat across the highway and hoped there was still some seafood left. There was. I had the chowder.

We saw this on the way down. Now that the man was in action, I had to take a shot.

We made it a quick ride back to Newport.

This time we found the button to warn of cyclists on the bridge, but we both walked it on the way back.

We saw some interesting views along our walk on the bridge. I was tempted to do a brewery tour.

We spent 15 or 20 minutes watching cormorants nest, swim, dive and dart below us.

It was a nice finish to a relaxing ride down the coast. The ride stats are here.

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