Day 24 2016 Route and Stats

May 17, 2016
72.03 miles 6:20 ride time. Ave.11.37 mph Max 20.76 mph Started at 1350 ft. and finished at 1050 ft. elevation, down 942 feet, up 653 feet. Finished at 60 F, started at 50 F. Fought rain and wind.

From Wichita, KS to  Eureka,Kansas  (37.8182260,-96.2774935) via US-54 E.

5 hr 49 min (71 mi)

1. Head south on W Birdie Ln Cir toward N Tee Time
2. Turn right onto N Tee Time
3. Turn left
4. Turn left at W 21st St N
5. Turn right onto N North Shore Blvd
6. Turn left onto W Kid’s Lake Dr
7. Turn left
8. Slight left
9. Turn left onto N Westdale Dr
10. Continue onto N West St
11. Continue onto W 21st St N
12. Slight right onto Woodrow St
13. Sharp left toward W 21st St N
14. Turn right onto W 21st St N
15. Turn left onto N Minnesota St
16. Turn left
17. Turn right
18. Slight left at N Hillside St
19. Turn left onto E Brooks Ave
20. Turn left
21. Slight left at N Oliver Ave
22. Turn right
23. Turn right toward N Woodlawn Blvd
24. Turn right onto N Woodlawn Blvd
25. Turn left onto E 32nd St N
26. Turn left to stay on E 32nd St N
27. Turn left onto N Rock Rd
28. Turn right toward E 35th St N
29. Turn left toward E 35th St N
30. Turn left toward E 35th St N
31. Turn right onto E 35th St N
32. Turn left toward E 37th St N
33. Turn right onto E 37th St N
34. Continue onto N Toben St
35. Continue onto 39th St
36. Turn left onto N 95th St E/N Webb Rd
37. Turn right onto Industry Dr
38. Turn right onto East 53rd St N
39. Turn left onto N 111th St E/N Greenwich Rd
40. Turn right onto KS-254 E
41. Turn right onto SW River Valley Rd
42. Continue onto SW 20th St/Kechi-Towanda Rd/Main St
43. Continue onto SW Old Hwy 254
44. Turn left onto SW Ohio Street Rd
45. Turn right onto KS-254 E
46. Continue onto US-54 E/E Central Ave
47. Turn left onto Co Rd 500/142nd St
48. Turn left onto US-54 E
49. Arrive at location: (37.8182260,-96.2774935)

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