Day 26 2016 Route and Stats

May 19, 2016
66.1.0 miles 4:58 ride time. Ave.13.27 mph Max 29.95 mph Started at 900 ft. and finished at 930 ft. elevation, down 1368 feet, up 1506 feet. Finished at 52 F, started at 44 F.

From Economy Inn, Garnett, KS  to Harrisonville,  MO. (38.6626296,-94.3608375) via US-169 N.

5 hr 31 min (65 mi)

1. Head north toward N Maple St
2. Turn left onto N Maple St
3. Turn left onto W Park Rd
4. Turn left onto US-169 N
5. Take the 327th St exit toward Old KC Rd
6. Turn left onto W 327th St
7. Turn left onto Columbia Rd
8. Turn right toward W 319th St
9. Turn right onto W 319th St
10. Turn right onto Somerset Rd
11. Turn left onto W 323rd St
12. Turn left onto Quivira Rd
13. Turn right onto W 319th St
14. Continue onto State Line Rd
15. Continue onto W 315th St
16. Continue onto S Van Meter Rd
17. Turn right onto E 307th St
18. Turn left onto S Freedom St
19. Turn right onto E 291st St
20. Turn left onto S Bennett Rd
21. Turn right onto MO-2 E
22. Turn left onto Plaza Dr
23. Turn right onto N Commercial St
24. Arrive at location: (38.6626296,-94.3608375)

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