Day 37 2016 Route and Stats

May 31, 2016
83.4 miles 6:26 ride time. Ave. 12.98 mph Max 37.11 mph Started at 671 ft. and finished at 630 ft. elevation, down 2995 feet, up 2969 feet. Finished at 87 F, started at 63 F. High of 88F

From Zanesville, OH to Moundsville,  W VA.(39.9286021,-80.7489398) via US-22 E/US-40 E.

8 hr 9 min (81 mi)

1. Head east on Main St toward N 2nd St
2. Turn left onto N 3rd St
3. Turn right onto Market St
4. Continue onto US-22 E/US-40 E/Greenwood Ave
5. Turn right onto Philips Rd
6. Turn left onto Manila Rd
7. Continue onto McPherson Ave
8. Continue onto Dewey Ave
9. Turn right onto Finley Ave
10. Continue onto Marietta Ave
11. Turn right onto S 7th St
12. Turn left onto Grant Ave
13. Turn right onto S 9th St
14. Continue onto Campbell Ave
15. Turn left onto Woodlawn Ave
16. Continue onto Walnut Ave
17. Turn right onto S 11th Ave/Morton Ave
18. Turn right onto Central Ave
19. Turn right onto Cochran Ave
20. Turn left onto Ohio Ave
21. Turn right onto Julianna Ln
22. Turn left onto Ohio Ave
23. Turn left onto Corduroy Rd
24. Turn right
25. Turn left onto Main St
26. Continue onto OH-285 N/Wintergreen Rd
27. Turn right onto OH-265 E/Leatherwood Rd
28. Turn right onto Washington St
29. Turn left onto Main St
30. Continue onto OH-265 E/Leatherwood Rd
31. Turn right onto South St
32. Turn left onto Smith Ave
33. Turn right onto OH-265 E/Leatherwood Rd
34. Turn left onto Shannon Run Rd
35. Continue onto Fairview Rd
36. Continue onto W Main St
37. Continue onto OH-147 E/Barnesville Bethesda Rd
38. Turn left onto N Main St
39. Turn right onto OH-147 E/Maple Ave
40. Turn right toward Watertower Rd/Water Tower-Wright Rd
41. Turn left onto Watertower Rd/Water Tower-Wright Rd
42. Turn right onto OH-147 E
43. Turn left onto Hart Rd
44. Turn right onto OH-9 S
45. Turn left onto Groves Rd
46. Turn left to stay on Groves Rd
47. Slight right onto Ok Rd
48. Turn right onto Glencoe Rd
49. Turn left onto OH-147 E
50. Turn right onto Org St W
51. Continue onto Main St/Ramsey Ridge Rd
52. Turn left onto Jacobsburg Hill Rd/Wallace-Bovenizer Rd
53. Turn right onto W Pipe Creek Rd
54. Turn left onto OH-7 S
55. Turn right onto Co Rd 54/Dilles Bottom Rd/Lockwood Run Rd/Old State Hwy 7
56. Continue onto Ferry Landing Rd
57. Continue onto OH-872 E
58. Continue onto OH-2 Spur
59. Turn left onto Lafayette Ave
60. Turn right onto Walmart Dr
61. Turn right
62. Turn left
63. Turn right
64. Turn right
65. Turn left
66. Turn right
67. Slight left
68. Turn right
69. Slight left
70. Arrive at location: (39.9286021,-80.7489398)

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